“At 6 months and dancing to the beat of the bread maker, I knew searching for a ballet studio was soon on the list!  Being a dancer well into my 20’s, it was extremely important to me that my daughter was provided a solid foundation in dance education, not just have the ability to look cute on stage in a tutu.  After that very first class with Ms. Megan, she was inspired and began creating that solid foundation that serves her today, heading into her 8th year!  The encouragement from the PSB instructors, the continued focus on technique and the foundation they continue to build on promotes these dancers to flourish!  My daughter has been part of the PSB Company Team which has added a whole new avenue of inspiration in which the dancers support each other’s growth!  The instructors and dancers at PSB have become our extended family!  Thank you to ALL of the staff at PSB for all you have done!  She does look cute in a tutu, but you’ve groomed her into a beautiful dancer!”

                 -M. G.

 “The generous offering of classes and performance opportunities, whether a beginner or skilled dancer, were key factors when deciding on a studio for my daughter.  PSB offers excellent instruction in many dance genres while primarily focusing on ballet technique. The entire faculty enjoys what they do and sees the potential in each and every student. Their commitment and knowledge of their craft inspires all to reach for their dreams. Now entering her 6th year, my daughter has grown into a strong, confident, skilled and determined young artist.  With the continued support and guidance from her teachers and peers, she is pursuing with earnest the goals she has set for herself. Thank you PSB!”

-M. B.

 “PSB students aren’t just learning dance – they are learning confidence, self-reliance, discipline and leadership.  PSB faculty members work with every dancer to bring out his or her best.  Our daughter has also made wonderful friends, had outstanding role models, and now as a senior dancer has an opportunity to help and inspire younger students.  She appreciates the spirit of cooperation and teamwork and loves going to PSB!”

-“Dance Dad”  B. O.

 “We are thrilled we finally found our dance home!  My daughter has been dancing for the past 8 years, and in that time we have been to 5 different studios for various reasons. All of them had great things about them, but at PSB we finally found the best of everything!  My daughter is part of a family, she is welcomed and included. She is encouraged to give the best of herself and to try new things. She has consistent goals she enjoys working towards. She loves the professionalism and high standards, because of how great she feels when she meets them. She is surrounded by other dedicated and hard working girls and boys. PSB sets her up to succeed in life in so many ways. There is no question that PSB creates talented, happy, and confident dancers who will take what they have learned into the rest of their lives.  My daughter loves to dance and PSB gives her everything she needs to dance beautifully and love every minute of it!”

-K. K.

“Growing up, I trained to be a ballerina at some of the best dance schools in NYC and NJ. I can honestly say that PSB is the finest ballet school in the area. Students learn true classical ballet from knowledgable, warm, and supportive teachers. My 8 year old daughter is flourishing at PSB. Not only is she learning the building blocks of classical ballet, but she also loves the welcoming environment, teachers that are full of encouragement, and the lovely friends she’s made in class!”

-P. G.