Policies and Tuition

Payment PoliciesAll Fees and tuitions are non-refundable. Payment in full for each semester is due no later than the first week of each semester. There are no refunds on tuition, only school credit. Credit is not transferable.

Weather Cancellations – Weather cancellations will be placed on the schools website, facebook page, WMUR weather cancellations and on the schools phone message. 

Snow Day Make-up Policy– If classes at the Portsmouth School of Ballet are cancelled due to weather circumstances, you will need to make up your child’s class during another day and time within the Semester the class has been cancelled for.   They will need to make up in an age and level appropriate class.

Observation – We have an open door policy, however, parents may only observe students from outside of the studio while a class is in session. Students dancing in Studio II can be observed through the viewing window during class. Students dancing in Studio I can be viewed from a closed circuit television in the schools waiting area.

Make-up Classes – If a class is missed a student can attend another class at a different time during the week. We do ask that you please check with us in the office. The class has to be made up during the semester it is missed. Make-up classes cannot be carried over to the next semester.

Holidays – The school takes holiday vacations each semester. The cost of those holidays is not included into the cost for the semester. Our Holiday dates are listed on our schedules.

Behavior – Any student can be asked to change levels, take additional classes or advance as to the discretion of the instructors and the schools artistic director. A student also can be asked to leave the program at any time for misconduct or inappropriate behavior at the discretion of the instructors and the schools artistic director.

General Expectations

  • No food allowed in the dance studio. Water only.
  • No street shoes allowed in the studio.
  • We are a non-smoking facility.
  • Students will not be allowed to chew gum in class.
  • Students must arrive on time.
  • Students need to be wearing the dress code for their class.
  • Students hair must be up in a bun. If a student has short hair it must be pulled back neatly out of their face. There are no exceptions to this rule.

Portsmouth School of Ballet does not charge a Registration Fee!