Fundraising Packet 2017/2018


Mandatory Fundraising Meeting September 16th @ 1:30, located at PSB. Attendance is mandatory, if not you will not be eligible to fundraise no matter how much experience you have.
Contracts due August 30th!
Updated Fundraising Packet Attached Below!
Please remember to make all checks payable to PSB-Student Company and turn all fundraising materials into the Fundraising Closet, NOT the office.
Discount Cards Packets are available for pick up in the lobby, the envelopes are labeled with each student’s name. Each packet have 20 cards, they must sell 10. Checks and unsold cards must be turned in by September 9th. If you do not return remaining cards you will be charged for them. Please put the cards and checks back in the Manila envelope and placed in the closet. Information for Discount cards:
It is REQUIRED (only if you choose to fundraise)
Sell Dates: 8/21-9/9
Requirement: 10 cards per student
Order Placed: 9/10
Lead Parent: Janet Ellis
Fall Mums  please print order form out and turn into the Fundraising closet.
Sell Dates: 8/21-9/14
Pick Up Date: 9/17 between 2-4pm @ Churchill’s Garden Center
Requirement: 10 Mums per student
Order Placed: 9/15
Lead Parents: Pam Zottos, Lindsay Lewis, & Kristina Randall
Yankee Candle Packets are available for pick up in the lobby, envelopes are in a box behind the discount cards. Information for Yankee Candle:
Sell Dates: 8/21-10/2 (online sales should be available in the next 24 hours)
Requirement: $120 per student
Order Placed: 10/3

Lead Parent: Donna Whitman

Holiday Wreaths

Sales Order Form Template 1.2017

Wreath Cover Letter 2017

PSB Fall Mums Work Order 2017